The company was founded by Mr. Juray Fofonjka in year 1975 in Gross St. Florian (West Styria in Austria) as a manufacturer of technical springs.

In year 1976 the company has moved and since than it is situated in Poelfing Brunn. The company has growth and back in year 1985 has already 25 employees.

Because of the hart competition and high production costs Mr. Juray Fofonjka has decided back in the year 1989 to move out the production of technical springs to Croatia (at that time still Yugoslavia). His two older sons Dalibor and Drazen Fofonjka have taken over the management of new production company “Phoenix d.o.o.” in Croatia and are managing the company very successful since than. At that time there was an idea to produce beside springs also the spring making machinery. The reason was big experience in spring manufacturing of Mr. Juray Fofonjka who always had ideas how to improve the procedure of production of the springs.

Meanwhile “Fortuna Federn” with over 50 employees in total has become global established producer of spring making machinery which is presented each year on the biggest shows for spring makers.  Customers are placed all over the world from New Zealand over Japan, Asia and Europe to North- and South America.

In year 1998 the youngest son Goran Fofonjka has joined to the company and in November 2006 Mr. Juray Fofonjka has retired and his youngest son Goran Fofonjka has taken over completely the management here in Austria.


Phoenix / Fortuna Federn Team

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